Fiona H.D.

Designer NameFiona H.D.

Educational Background:

  1. Double Degree (Civil Engineering & Information System, Universitas Kristen Maranatha)
  2. 2.Basic Pattern Drafting and Sewing (Bunka School of Fashion, Jakarta)
Achievement1st winner NYPD 2017, Finalist NYPD 2016

Brand Name / EstablishHeritage by fionahd

Signature Style: Transforming ethnic fabric into elegant and modern looks with a touch of whimsicality inspired by nature

Website & Social Media:


  1. ms.fionahd
  2. heritage.fhd

Quote for JFFF: I don’t want to just make clothes, I want to make beautiful clothes.

Participation in JFFF (Years): 2018, 2022

Baduy Enchanted tells the story of a girl who found her way into the mysterious forest of the Baduy tribe. There, she was captivated by the simplicity of how the people lived and of their devotion in keeping their culture alive. Her journey was filled with inspiring encounters of their crafts, music, and respect for tradition. As she leaves the forest, she realizes that there was more than meets the eye about that place. She left knowing that there was something colorful and magical in that dark green forest that she needed to share with the world.

This collection is hoped to show that with just a bit of guidance from dedicated organizations, such as CTI, something as simple as a blue handwoven Baduy fabric can be transformed into something more, into something that emphasizes the uniqueness, creativity, and stories of its culture.

Materials used: Colorful hand-woven Baduy fabric accented with floral prints.

The collection consists of ready to wear pieces that can be used in coordination with the same colors or mixed and match to satisfy individual styles.

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